Using our Online Forms

ACI has transitioned to using online forms in order to communicate as quickly as possible with the membership, to help reduce operating costs and overhead, to work as efficiently as possible, and part of our ongoing efforts of "Going Green".

When using our online forms, please be sure to provide as much information as possible, and perform a thorough review of the form prior to hitting the submit button. If the information was transmitted properly, you will indeed receive confirmation by being redirected to our "Thank you" page. Depending upon the information being submitted as well as the computer being used, it may take a few seconds before the confirmation page appears. If for some reason you need to resubmit the form, and/or did not receive the confirmation page, simply use the "back" button on your Internet browser.recycle

In order to reduce spam being submitted to our mail servers, certain fields must be submitted using a specific format. The forms have been designed to be user-friendly and any information not in the correct format will be highlighted accordingly. Please contact us should you have any questions, or if you need help in using our online forms. We appreciate your efforts in reducing costs and helping us "Go Green".

NOTE: We understand and respect the fact that not everyone has online access, and/or may have a handicap that may limit one's use of computers. In these situations, simply contact us via phone during our regular office hours and we will do all that we can to accommodate your questions, concerns, or HOA needs.