Web Sites for your HOA

wwwIn order to improve the communications between the Board, the Membership, and the Management Company, we integrate and create a web site for each of our clients. Click here to locate your HOA web site now. If you need additional assistance in gaining access to your community web site, please contact us.

Some of the many benefits of having a web site for your HOA ....

Quick and Effective Communications

A web site is a great tool to disseminate HOA information to current and future residents in a timely and professional manner. Information is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. Board Meeting minutes can be posted shortly after being approved, Rules and Regulations are just a few clicks away, and members can reference an archive of important documents in just seconds.

Better Organization of Board Documents

Better organization of your association documents. This is especially useful when a change in the board occurs and historical documents don't always get properly transitioned to new board members. Various levels of password protection can be implemented to protect communications between the Board, the membership, and the general pubic.

Reduce Administrative Expenses

A web site helps reduce the administrative burden on the association board members and also reduces costs related to paper supplies, copying, mailings, and responding to requests since fewer items have to be mailed. Members can fill out forms online which will be emailed to the person(s) you designate.... within minutes of being submitted.

Added Value

A web site should show the pride residents have in maintaining the quality of their homes and neighborhood, and the professionalism that the Board of Directors strives for in the day-to-day activities of the association. It also helps bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the Management Company, the Board of the DIrectors, and the Membership.